Greetings from the Chech Republic - Pt. 3

Day 10 – The Opera,  Our First Date

The Opera house was gorgeous as is everything in this city.  We arrived too late to read the program.  I had no idea what was actually going on but, I got the gist.  It was in Italian, a woman loved a man, consequential pain ensued, etc.

Outside of the theater Amy placed me in a cab aimed for the Globe-coffeehouse-rave- thing. 

I was resplendent in a creme sweater, long creme tube skirt, long-johns and khaki army boots.

I said that I thought I looked like Olivia Newton John, but I think it was more a butch Cybil Sheppard.  I had not packed for love, only for cold.

Day 10 - Valentine’s Day Globe-Rave

We sat on a couch with a lot of other couples. He was as pretty as I had thought.  He’s tall and leans in to talk to me. He talks a lot  - a lot.  At first it’s all about him.  I start to think he is all ego and the new is going to wear off soon.  But it doesn’t .  It occurs to me that he is trying to sell himself.  Or he’s nervous.  His mother is French his father Czech. He is not stricken with the bad skin or dull hair as a lot of Czechs are. He glows with the beauty of youth and a life non-tarnished; as did I at this age on this night. He is a radio DJ and translates movies form English to Czech on the side. It is long hours but his English is amazing comparatively.

I recite the crucial Czech phrases Amy taught me – that will get you through pretty much any encounter:

Good Morning: do-bee-dee-den

Thank you: day-qui oo

May I have the check: Za-pla-tee-may pro-seem  

How much is it: Coe-leeg-toe-stoy

Yes: ano

No: ney  

A little: troosh-koe  

Come here: put-sim  

Hurry up: putch-kaye

Stop it: neck-ta-hoe   

Goodbye: nas-clad-a-no 

 It is surprising  that you can break a language down a dozen or so critical phrases, but I survived a month on little more than these.

We begin to talk about music – I can talk about music a lot – especially in my 20’s and my opinions are firm and  pronounced.  His convictions are a strong as mine in this conversation.  Seeing someone’s passion is stimulating.  He has about 100 facial expressions a minute and bubbles over when he gets on a rant about something.  Time on this couch has pushed us close together – We are 2 noses away from each other. We are talkers – I have finally met my match and it’s kinda hot!

He is a total surprise - So much like me that it’s as if I made him up.  We are talking about completely random things and now I am so in it I can no longer glance away. We have talked ourselves into a trance, a fast moving, pulsing trance.  His arm expanse is great - We are in a nook, we are in a groove.

Hours have passed.

I have 2 beers.  Beers?  

He has sprite, he does not drink.  He leaves to go to the bar.

A girl comes around with a basket full of Valentines Day goodie bags. I dig through mine. 

When he comes back I pull out the condom, smiling “Look what they gave us!”

We kiss on the couch and leave.

We go to my place.  My place being the living room of Amy’s old apartment which now is occupied by Sharon.  Sharon is tall, red headed and Australian.  One of the aforementioned 90's hipsters; She writes for a magazine and punctuates every sentence with the phrase “No Worries”.  I had liked Her straight away.

She was cool about the close quarters. There had always been a roommate in the living room until her boyfriend moved in. “treat it as your own” She had said during our 10 minute introduction earlier today.  “You can bring boys home if you want” She offered. 

I doubt it, but thanks!

No one expected me to take her up on her hospitality so soon.  Only a curtain separated my “room’ from the kitchen and her bedroom door was cracked.  Privacy would be absent from our encounter.  This did not concern me in the least.  We would have to whisper – that's hot!

I rolled a joint for us. We smoked it but it was shit pot so I offered up another. It was quickly declined. He put on some music that was a little grating at first. With the new silence in the absence of his speech I started My Usual Routine: Flying off at the mouth about some thing that would either make me look cool or make me look stupid.  I like to paint an even picture.

“Blah, blah Guns & Roses, blah,”… Ahh, I see I have chosen stupid.

But the second I say the words “Appetite for Destruction” it’s on!  He grabs me and pulls me on top of him.  There are candles burning or is there a light on?

He tries to undress me while he remains fully clothed. I have to invoke the rules of “Even Steven”.  I find it odd there is no equivalent in the Czech language.  Is Even Steven not a universal concept?  Rules explained- we proceed.

Put-sim… Putch-kaye… Neck-ta-ho!

Put-sim… Putch-kaye… Neck-ta-ho!

I can neither confirm nor deny exactly what She walked in on. I know that we were both naked at that point. Though the Event had not begun we were well into Opening Ceremonies. I was on top and my back was to her.  She said that we were too loud.  How long had she been standing there?  Wouldn’t most people have backed back out;  upon finding themselves yelling at 2 naked people? And if She could hear us / then She could hear us and had to know that her timing was sketchy at best.  I’m not sure who said what and I DEFINITELY was not turning around.

Put-sim! Putch-kaye! Ano! Ano! ney!  ney!  ney!  Ano! Ano! 

The sex was like lightening.

After, we talked about a Barbara Streisand HBO special we both saw & the VH1 Jackson’s movie and the 20 foot Michael Jackson statues that were mythically still standing across the globe.  Maybe this was Oz.

Put-sim! Putch-kaye!  Neck-ta-ho!

The next morning, I heard him apologize to Her in the kitchen.

They knew each other.

More to come...