Greetings from the Chech Republic - Pt. 7

I was about 25 minutes early - I could not wait any longer…

I had prepared my new living space for later tonight.

And top on the list was documentation.  

I had no pictures of Yirka and it was a must that I show everyone I had ever known what had done for the past 17 days.  Also the only feminine thing I had brought  with me was my moss green night gown. And even as an 11th hour attempt - He would see me looking sexy if it killed me.  We would have privacy here in my new room of dark wood and antique mirrors.  

When I got to the Whale I noticed a reserved sign on the table in the back – the table where we met.

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Greetings from the Chech Republic - Pt. 3

We arrived too late to read the program.  I had no idea what was actually going on but, I got the gist. 

It was in Italian, a woman loved a man, consequential pain ensued, etc.

Outside of the theater Amy placed me in a cab aimed for the Globe-coffeehouse-rave- thing. 

I was resplendent in a cream sweater, long cream tube skirt, long-johns and khaki army boots!

I said that I thought I looked like Olivia Newton John, but I think it was more a butch Cybil Sheppard.      

I had not packed for love, only for cold.

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